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Those who have passed before us waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

Pictures and memories of our loved rescues who have now gone across the Rainbow Bridge.

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Nikki 7-16-1999 - 4-13-2007

NikkiThis is our beautiful beloved baby boy, Nikki.  We love and miss him so very much.  We got Nikki when he was about 8 weeks old.  He had his ears taped, very sharp teeth and a very bad temper.  Thank goodness that did not last long.

He grew up to be the sweetest, most loving, best  behaved of all my Schnauzers.  We had so much fun with him.  He was so silly and smart.  This picture captured his personality.  He was always helping me.  If he saw me digging in my flower gardens, he would help dig.  He loved to help take the bedding to the laundry room.  I would lay the pillow cases across his back, he would fetch them to daddy, or he would pick up a corner of the sheets.  I believe he thought his purpose in life was making us happy and that he did.  He loved to tease me, untie my shoelaces, get in my spot on the sofa. If I got up he would grab me around the leg, bite at my toes, pull the blanket off his sister Teya.  Of course that would make her mad and she would jump off the sofa and chase him. 

 Being chased was one of his favorite games. He made up his own games. The blankie monster game (our hand under his blankie like a puppet). He loved that one. If I couldn't figure out what he wanted, I would put and hand in his mouth and he would lead me to what he wanted. I spent a lot of time grooming him.  Every evening we had our own bonding time.  I would comb him out and just hold him and love on him. His hair was so soft and silky. He was so very beautiful to me.

Our two minis were our babies and we spend a lot of time with them, especially Nikki. He wanted to be with us, or near us, or to be able to see us. Teya is so very shy and she sleeps most of the time.

His last 3 weeks of his life, he was blind and he wanted me to hold him all the time. He was scheduled for cataract surgery for both eyes on April 17th. He died the 13th.

He loved for me to kiss his paws.  Before he took his last breath, he put his paw up for me to kiss it.  My husband and I were both holding him.  He died in our arms.  We love him and miss him so very much. I am having a hard time dealing with it, but I keep telling myself he wouldn't want me to be sad.

It is in his memory that we became volunteers for SRC, hoping we can in some way help.  We know that he is playing at the entrance of the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for us.  He was "Daddy's Little Boy" and "Mama's Beautiful Baby"

Ron and Gloria Ray


You passed on July 26, 2005, one day before my birthday. I love you
so very much. You always loved to press your sweet face against your
brother, David, play blanket with him, and you were always so very close to him. We brought Andy into our home when you were five years old. You were pretty upset, but quickly learned to love him dearly. My sweet girl, Andy passed away December 4, 2006. I don't think he ever got over missing you. He would look for a long time at where you slept. You two are together now and I know that I will see both of you later. When I talked to Andy about being with you again, him being pain free, being able to see again, he licked me two times, which he had not done in months. I will see you two very very very very special babies one day. I love you, Kaiti.



Joey Royall Rescue #88

It has taken a year before being able to write this memorial for our beloved Joey.  Known affectionately as Joe Bean.

Joey came to us from a kill shelter and upon inspection from our vet, we knew that he had lived a short, hard life.  Joey was guessed to be between 4-6 years when we got him, but his teeth had been worn down from scavenging for food and his coat was in very poor condition.  When you raised your voice, he would actually hit the ground, as if it were a round of incoming mortar fire and lay there, shell shocked, until picked up.  It took several months for him to realize that he wouldn’t be hit and he would always have food in his bowl.

Once Joey came out of his shell, he became happy and playful.  He loved his big buddy Pierre and when Pierre passed away, he grieved with Drew & me.  Eventually we welcomed Gracie into our home and immediately feel in love with her Princess ways.

But sadly, we learned that Joey’s prior life has caused terminal kidney damage.  He spent many days at the vet and eventually, Drew learned how to give shots and sub-cutaneous

fluids at home.  Twice a day for several months, Joey bravely endured becoming a pincushion.  But sometimes, no amount of love or medicine can save a life.  As his health & happiness continued to decline, we realized, we had to let him go.  We had just lost Pierre in March and now 7 months later, we were loosing our Joe Bean. 

To this day I cry, because his life was cut short through neglect.  He was such a sweet, loving boy, who deserved more time in a home that loved him.

We still miss you, Joey and wish that we could have given you more time-

Love- Renee, Drew and Gracie


Penny was placed with a family that loved her dearly. (She was the most beautiful dog)  She recently passed with what they think was Cushing's.  Heather and Penny were so in love with each other. 

Katie Tyler


Your passing has been so incredibly hard. You are so much the little
dog that everyone would want and so very sweet.

Do you remember when Mommy went to buy a light fixture at Sears(11 years later have never bought it), went into the pet store, saw you, had them bring you out, and people crowded around?  You did not pay any attention to anyone except me, your new Mommy. I fell in love with you immediately, called Daddy, told him about you, and he let me bring you home.

Dr. Mackey commented each and every time that you went to the vets that you were so very sweet and gentle. You always took your shots like it was
nothing. Dr. Mackey said you did that because you had so much trust and
faith in your parents. Sweet Andy, losing you has been a very hard thing for me and for Daddy. I'll see you in Heaven, Sweet Little One.

Love for ever and ever,

Your Mommy, Daddy and Kaiti

Pierre came to our family at age 9 and quickly stole our hearts as he found his place in our family. He was a big clumsy boy, who had no clue about the finer things in life... like the sofa and our bed, but he quickly figured these things out! Pierre filled our home with a great deal of laughter and our life was richer, because he was in it! Although we only had the pleasure of him on this earth for 5 years, we know he's happily playing at the bridges edge until he sees us again and for us, he's never more than a thought away.

With Love - Renee, Drew, and Joey

I give this donation in Memory of my Beloved Booker.

- Renee Filippucci-Kotz

In Loving Memory of Our Sweet Pepper Max (SRC #208)

Having Pepper arrive at our house was such a blessing. He was our newest "Sweet Baby". Although he was older and had his ailments he tried very hard to be as chipper and spry as he could possibly be. Unless you knew him, you'd never know he was ill. We only had Pepper Max for a short time, but he worked his way into our hearts immediately. He was a wonderful little schnauzer who was loved deeply and will be missed dearly.

- Kelly Thomas


Friday the 13th now has a new meaning for us...A very sad day in our lives that will always be remembered when any "Friday the 13th" happens no matter which month it is. The above is the last picture of Angel (aka Fluffy SRC #213). Actually she looks pretty good in this picture but her system was already shutting down and she couldn't even stand up. We have never become so attached so quickly to any animal as we did with her. We thought we could help her survive this ordeal but it was not meant to be. We are glad that we at least had 2 hours of her tremendous gift to us...her love, warmth and trust. We were with her till the end. She crossed over in Peace and is now with her other Angel Friends. Lloyd & Vicci are such wonderful caring people who went far and above their calling in the loving attention they gave our frail little girl. It was so difficult to call them and give them the bad news about what has happened to Angel only 2 hours after she was turned her over to our care. We are already looking forward to helping our next ward whoever he or she may be. There are still a lot of Schnauzers that we can help make a difference in their lives and find them forever loving homes. We have dedicated ourselves to this cause.

-Donna and Dave Stepanek

My Dear Sweet Little Seymour,

Last night I lost you, precious little one. You have brought so much happiness to me in the last six months and two days. I know that you feel the same. We have bonded like no other. I will see you again, I know that.

Here from Ecclesiastes 3.19-21:

”For what happens to the sons of men also happens to animals; one thing befalls them; as one dies, so dies the other. Surely, they all have one breath; man has no advantage over animals, for all is vanity. All go to one place, all are from the dust, and all return to dust.

Sweet Seymour, Mommy loves you so very much. You have been a blessing to my life and I will always cherish your wonderful self. I love you. Until we meet again, my special little guy.

-Mom 7/1/2005

It is with a broken heart that I send you this message to let you know that our sweet Sugar (SRC #20) left us this morning. She got up this morning very weak and with no interest in food (definitely a change for her!). At the vet, we discovered that she had a tumor on her spleen and was bleeding into her abdomen. She was listless, yet very anxious and painful. Neil and I made the difficult decision to end her suffering as the prognosis was not good. We will sorely miss her, and we thank you for all that you did to bring her to us. Although she was with us only a short time, we were extremely blessed by her and hope that somehow we made the last months of her life more pleasant. Thanks for all you do!

- Lora Beth & Neil Reece

Dear Friends at SRC -
It saddens me to write and tell you that little Buddy (SRC #40) died in his sleep this week. We enjoyed the time we had with him, especially Jacob, who continued to carry Buddy wherever he needed to go after the little guy's spine began to fuse almost completely together from arthritis. Even though he had become incontinent, we were able to create a routine for him and give him a happy life. Please accept this gift in his memory. He had gone from a scared, frightened dog, to a happy, calm little guy who loved to sit on your lap and be petted.

-Barbara Demarest & Jacob Rosenberg


Betty Perdue Bailey

Mrs. Bailey, 78, of Spinnaker Bay Dr., Sherrills Ford, passed away on Thursday, January 19, 2006. Born October 4, 1927, in Bluewell, WV, she was the daughter of the late Lewis Hampton and Leona Blanche Richardson Perdue. Mrs. Bailey was a retired registered nurse for the Methodist Home at Asbury Care Center of Charlotte. She was an avid NASCAR Racing fan and Dale Ernhardt fan. Mrs. Bailey also enjoyed lake activities, country music and volunteering at the Lake Norman Regional Medical Center. She is survived by her daughters, Shelia Dillon and husband Bob, of Mooresville, Brenda Bailey of Charlotte and Rose Bailey and Jay Lesemann, of Huntersville; six grandchildren; and very close friends at Spinnaker Bay and the Methodist Home. A memorial service was held at the Calvin-Cook Funeral Home Chapel in Mooresville, with Rev. Don Horton officiating. Memorials may be made to the Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas in her name.

Heidi Tyler was a rescue standard schnauzer that brightened the life of one of SRC’s most active members, Katie Tyler of Charlotte, NC for several years. Heidi passed suddenly in November, 2004. Although she may not grace us with her presence here on earth, she dwells forever in the hearts of those that love her. She is now Katie’s guardian angel and will never be far from her thoughts until they meet again. Donations in Heidi’s memory have been made to SRC and are most appreciated.

March 15, 2005: This date Max (SRC #189) crossed the Rainbow Bridge. SRC wishes to express our gratitude to Ken and Courtney for giving Max such a wonderful and loving home. Although he was with them for only a short time, we know that he was loved and cherished every moment he spent with his new family. Max lives on in the bright memories he gave to his caring guardians in return for opening their home and hearts to him completely.


I hope news of my passing made nobody sad

Even though my time on earth was really painful and bad.

I am now in a place, I never dreamt could exist.

It is filled with God’s love and heavenly bliss.

I romp through fields of green rather than confined to a cage,

Near a crystal blue lake that smells of rosemary and sage.

The best part of all is this wonderful man of light

Who came to see me when I first arrived.

His name is, Jesus; and he is full of love.

He is the son of our creator, up here, above.

He showed me affection, that I never knew before.

He also plays ball with me; this man I adore.

He explained that my suffering, while in the world

Was meant so that dog fighting rings might be furled.

I was told that my pain touched many people’s lives;

People that I never knew while I was alive.

I am so happy that I might be part of a change,

Even if it had to come though such suffering and pain.

Please fight for the others to be happy and free

'Til the day they arrive here to play along with me.

Make them stop the carnage before it’s too late.

Help my brothers find happiness outside of heaven’s gate.

Thank you for caring, though you never knew me.

I can’t wait to meet you when your lives cease to be.

I’ll be waiting in the meadow where beautiful flowers grow.

Just look for the giant Schnauzer with his heart all a glow.

By someone who loved him.